Advent Christian Childcare is providing these Frequently Asked Questions 'FAQ's' for your information:

Question- What are Advent's hours of operation? 

Answer-  Monday - Friday from 7am - 5:45pm.  There is a $2.00 late charge fee for every additional 5 minutes late per child.  Example:  If you have 2 children and you are 10 minutes late, the late charge fee would total $8.00.  We have to pay 2 employees for the additional time.

Question- What is the tuition amount? 

Answer-  It varies depending on full or part time.  There is an annual registration fee of $50.00 per child.  This is pro-rated semi annually.  Also, for our pre-schoolers, there is a 1 time $10.00 cot fee. 

Question- Are the activities included in the tuition? 

Answer- Pre-school activity fees are included in our child care rates.  Before/After school children have additional fees for field trips, etc. 

Question- Are the snacks and lunches provided or do we bring our own? 

Answer- Advent provides a snack at 8:45am, a lunch at 12:00pm and a snack at 3:15pm for our


Our Before/After school children receive a snack at 2:45pm when they arrive.  If they are here for a school out day, they would receive two snacks and lunch as well.  

MORE FAQ's coming soon....



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