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Our Menu

  Food Policies:  The Center provides two (2) snacks and a hot lunch daily.  Menus are posted monthly and are subject to change.  Children are not to bring candy, gum, or any food product containing peanuts.  Children are allowed to bring food from home with prior approval from the administration.  (Please advise at time of enrollment any food allergies your child/children may have.) 

As of April 1st, 2015, Advent made the decision to be a totally peanut-free Center.  Do not bring in any food containing peanuts or peanut butter or any foods processed on machines that also process peanuts.  If it is brought to the Center, it will be thrown out.  We must adhere to this policy as it could be a life or death matter for some children or staff. 

Parents are allowed to bring in special treats for birthdays and holidays with prior approval from the Lead Teacher with a clear understanding of what type of items may be brought.  The snacks may NOT be homemade.  They must be purchased and clearly list the ingredients on the label.  This is per teh Health Department.  

If cupcakes are provided, they should be baked in paper liners so that hands will not have to touch the cakes.  They will be brought on the day to be used and will be placed in the kitchen (refrigerator when applicable) until time to be served.

Food of any kind brought in by parents is to be given to the teacher or the adult in charge to ensure that other children will not have access to the food until the planned time.

All unused portions of food brought by parents will be disposed of or returned to the parent at the end of the day.